this is the street where he lived
there was a green park outside
this was him
and this was his mother
the house was a mess
the kitchen’s curtains had butterflies
he liked to smoke
he loved me somehow
he used to speak alone
this was his bed
and this the chandelier of his bedroom
he liked cats
I loved him somehow
he didn’t care of anything
this was his dog
he loved it
he used to watch tv
look! look!
he liked to drink
and then, he fell asleep
years later I visited him
he left his house to another apartment
he was older
in the new house there was the same coal heater of his first house
he had a girlfriend, who loved him
he smoked still
he showed me that he kept the photographs of me and my family
It was his treasure that he wanted to save. Maybe he wished that I took the pictures with me. I didn’t ask
his girlfriend took a photo of us
he escorted me to the taxi parking
this is the very last moment that I saw him